International Congress on Animal Reproduction

From 26 to 30th of June the International Congress on Animal Reproduction ICAR will be held in Tours, France Read more …  ]

They chose Optixcell and explain why

Viking Genetics is among the world’s largest and leading breeding company owned by 30,000 farmers. VikingGenetics uses the latest technologies to pr... Read more …  ]

More customers in more countries are choosing Optixcell

No egg yolk, no milk, no lecithin – Optixcell is the only liposome-based, protein-free media that guarantees the safest level of dilution. With the... Read more …  ]

IMV Technologies - From the sky

Discover the IMV Technologies ‘site differently including our 1700 m2 of solar panels, an important part of our sustainable development policy. Read more …  ]

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